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Welcome to Whatcombe Farm Nursery. We opened in January 2018 and offer quality childcare in a natural setting to children aged 2-5. We are a small, highly qualified, teacher-led team who believe in the importance of understanding and nurturing our children in order to support them in their early years development. 


We support our children to learn through play, offering a flexible approach which enables all of our children to access the Early Years Foundation Stage framework in a way that best suits them. We support our children to become confident, enthusiastic and mindful learners, setting them up to achieve their potential.

What we do

We recognise the value of outdoor play in supporting children’s health and wellbeing. Our nursery door is always open, so children have access to our nursery garden at all times. In addition, we have a Forest School, which we visit every day for a combination of child initiated and adult led play, and nursery chickens that we look after daily. 


The activities we plan are dynamic and flexible enabling us to support our children's interests at any given moment. We also teach children about cultures, traditions and festivals.


Children’s development is nurtured in all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework:


Prime Areas:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Language and Communication

Physical Development 


Specific Areas:




Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts and Design



Our children learn through play. Opportunities for reading, writing and counting are ever present in a fun and informal context, putting our children's interests at the heart of what we do to best prepare them for their lives at school.

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